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Governor Brown: Sign SB29:Dignity Not Detention Act!

SB29 (the Dignity Not Detention Act) will ensure that our local government is not complicit in private immigration detention expansion in the state of California. Currently 80% of detention in California are ran by private for-profit corporations which have incentives to detain as many community as possible for the long periods of time. 
For years there for-profit detention centers have been known for deplotable conditions including: medical neglect, rotten food, emotional, physical, mental and sexual abuse and many deaths!
Here are some facts: 
  • Private detention companies have spent a total of $45 Million in lobbying and campaign contributions 
  • 3 people have died in Adelanto Detention Center in California since March 2017 and at least 10 have died since it became privatized in 2011 
  • The Community Initiatives groups found 33,126 complaints of sexual and/or physical abuse in detention centers between January 2010 and July 2016. Adelanto was among the 5 detention centers with the most complaints!  
We need California to make a strong stance against detention centers and this is the first step. California legislature has already passed SB 29 which would: 
  • Not allow cities, counties or local law enforcement agencies from entering into new contracts with private corporations or federal government  for immigrant detention. 
  • Not allow cities, counties or local law enforcement agencies as of January 2018 to expand a contract or renew with expansion of beds. 
  • Mandate public notice and community input if a private corporation wants to buy land or a building to re-use it to detain immigrant community the city or county must. 
Governor Brown has not committed to signing this act into law. We need as many community members to urge him to sign before October 15th. 
Take action by signing the petition below and sharing to urge Governor Brown to Sign SB29 into law! 
Thank you for your support! 
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