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#Free Claudia: Urge San Diego ICE Field Director to Grant Claudia Prosecutorial Discretion

On the morning of Thursday, May 18, Border Patrol went into Boyle Heights communities, knocking on doors to try to locate 22-year-old DACA eligible Cal State LA student Claudia Rueda, ultimately arresting and detaining her with significant federal resources and no justification.
In the days prior to her arrest on May 18, Border Patrol agents went to Claudia’s old apartment to ask about her whereabouts. 
On Thursday morning, they knocked on doors, took note of the cars, and stopped people on their way to work from her previous apartment complex. We have confirmed they took 4 residents from that apartment complex and 3 have been deported. Most of the apartment complex is now empty as residents are afraid of moving back in. 
At that time of her arrest, Claudia was outside moving a family car, to observe the street cleaning restrictions. Three unmarked cars surrounded her, and men in plainclothes exited the vehicles and began to try to interrogate her. They asked her for her name, and identified her as their target--a 22-year-old DACA-eligible student who has lived in Los Angeles for 16 years. They kidnapped her and brought her to the Border Patrol detention site in Chula Vista, hours from her home.
These actions are unacceptable. Border Patrol continues to target Claudia’s family and community! 
The timeline here suggests that CBP/Border Patrol are retaliating against Claudia for successfully advocating in the face of her mother’s detention--which resulted from her collateral arrest in a joint CBP-LASD operation--just weeks weeks earlier.


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