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Stop Guillermo's Deportation

Guillermo Felix (A#208-082-977),  a father from South Los Angeles is facing deportation due to racial profiling by LAPD and ICE, who arrested him and six others at a house party in South Central Los Angeles in November 2014, for no reason other than their immigration status.  He is the father of 4 U.S. citizen children, the youngest of whom – Guillermo Felix Jr. – is only a year old. Guillermo has lived in the United States for more than 15 years.

Recently, Guillermo was the victim of a joint raid by LAPD and HSI (a branch of ICE) at a house party in South Central Los Angeles. Guillermo was not charged with a crime, and the police didn’t allege he was engaged in any illegal activity. Nonetheless, authorities brought Guillermo to a police station and then turned him over to ICE who brought him to the for-profit Adelanto Detention Center. 

While Guillermo was let out on bond, ICE continues to target him for deportation. Guillermo is now asking the local Los Angeles ICE office to exercise its prosecutorial discretion to allow him to stay in Los Angeles with his four children and his U.S. citizen wife.

Guillermo is also eligible for DACA. Guillermo is a caring father devoted to his family. When he was young, he made mistakes and has years-old drug possession convictions for which he served a few days in jail and attended classes to better himself and avoid drugs in the future. These prior convictions should not destroy him and his family.

Guillermo’s detention has already brought emotional and economic hardship to his family. While he was detained, his children were afraid that they would lose their father. His deportation would be devastating for his family.

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