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Tell The County Board of Supervisors to Terminate 287(g)!

Stand with the ICE Out of LA Coalition to Demand That Los Angeles County Get out of the Deportation Business!

Immigrants are part of LA County's heart and soul. With 3.7 million immigrant residents, including 900,000 undocumented community members, our county should be leading the nation with policies that honor our common humanity and uphold basic human rights for all. 

But instead, LA County is deeply entangled with the machinery of deportation. In fact, the County is clinging to an outdated deportation agreement that hurts families, undermines civil liberties, and worsens the crisis of confidence in law enforcement.  

This deportation agreement is called "287(g)." It's responsible for the deportation of thousands of our loved ones, neighbors, and friends. Even Riverside County and San Bernardino County have terminated their 287(g) deportation agreement  because of deep flaws with the program. In California, that leaves just Los Angeles and Orange County clinging to the ineffective and outdated program.

The 287(g) deportation agreement isn=t the only problem. Other deportation programs, like the Secure Communities program - soon to be rebranded as the Priority Enforcement Program - also entangle local law enforcement in the shameful business of separating families. ;

Mixing local law enforcement with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) further deteriorates trust in police, leads to further criminalization of immigrants and people of color, and leaves the most vulnerable populations, such as LGBTQ people, survivors of domestic violence, people with mental health conditions, black immigrants, and many others, susceptible to unconstitutional detentions and deportations.  

Will you join us in calling on our Board of Supervisors to end these abuses?

We will do everything we can to protect our communities. I stand with the ICE Out of LA Coalition to demand that LA County: 

1. Terminate the 287(g) Deportation Agreement.

2. Not notify ICE of the pending release of community members under the new Priority Enforcement Program (PEP-Comm).

3. Ensure transparency of information. We demand access to quarterly reports from the Los Angeles Sheriff Department detailing their compliance with programs that entangle them with ICE.

4.Establish quarterly meetings with the Supervisors to continue to grow our relationship and to discuss our concerns as a Coalition.

5.Create increased community oversight of the LA County Board of Supervisors comprised of directly impacted community members.

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