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ICE Don't Deport A Mother Escaping Violence in Honduras

Sign Petition to Stop Mother’s Deportation Escaping Violence from Honduras

Lexi Bonilla Lopez (File # 724738) is a mother who recently came to the United States escaping the violence in Honduras and after her husband and father were murdered on their way to work. Lexi migrated with her two year old daughter Yaritza Bonilla making a long journey to find safety and instead upon arrival she was placed in a detention center with her daughter.

ICE conducted a credible fear interview to determine if she would quality for asylum but without any legal counsel and just having arrived Lexi did not pass her interview. She was released to her family in California but was put in deportation proceedings a few months later. She is currently in deportation proceedings and fears ICE could show up to her door at any moment to detain her and deport her.

We are demanding ICE to grant Lexi another credible fear interview so she can obtain asylum, that they exercise favorable prosecutorial discretion to stop her deportation proceedings and that she is not placed in a detention center again.

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