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Father of Two Children Scheduled to be Deported TOMORROW!

On Saturday April 19, 2014, Angel Mendoza (A#:0 78-079-183), the father and provider of two U.S. citizen children, was placed in deportation proceedings after leaving a Mexican restaurant in Sacramento when California Highway Patrol officers stopped him. The officers accused him of throwing a cigarette butt from his car. Then, the officers arrested Angel for allegedly driving under the influence and took him to the Sacramento County Jail where he was not allowed to contact his family. He was also not allowed due process and was not convicted for this charge. Instead, he was turned over to ICE and separated from his family.

California's TRUST Act prohibits persons like Angel from being turned over to ICE custody by local law enforcement. According to the state law which went into effect on January 1, 2014, ICE hold requests issued to police and sheriff agencies shall not be responded in most cases. Under this law, Angel should have been released. Instead, the Sacramento Sheriff's Department violated the TRUST Act by allowing ICE to take him from their custody even before he could be processed for release and appear in court.

For the past six months, Angel has been detained in the Otero Processing Center in New Mexico, hundreds of miles away from his family. His two children depend on him, both financially and emotionally. His children are facing homelessness if Angel is not allowed to stay, as he was the only financial provider for his family. His eldest child is an honor roll student who has been emotionally devastated and as a result is seeking professional help. Please help us reunite Angel with his children before it is too late and they end up on the street.


CALL AND E-MAIL ICE. Demand that they exercise discretion based on the Parental Interests Directive!!

Call ICE's Acting Director Thomas S Winkowski at (202) 732-3000

Suggested Script:"My name is ___________.I am calling to ask that you stop the deportation of Angel Mendoza (A#:078-079-183) and release him so he can be reunited with his two U.S. citizen children. They are at risk of being homeless as he is their only financial provider. Angel was arrested for a minor first-time offense several months ago and was turned over to ICE in violation of California's TRUST Act. He has been in ICE custody since April and is currently detained by ICE.Will you release Angel so he can go home to his family?"

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