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Angel Mendoza TRUST violation


Father of Three Children and Victim of TRUST Act Violation in Sacramento
On Saturday April 19th, 2014 as Angel was leaving a restaurant 

California Highway Patrol officers stopped him and accused him of littering. Then began to ask him if he had thrown a cigarette butt from his van.  The officers proceeded to  arrest him for alleged DUI. Angel was taken to the Sacramento County Jail, where his family says he was unable to contact them.
Angel's family panicked after being unable to locate him, and even sought to file a missing person's report after they learned he'd been released from the local jail, but could not find him. The family frantically searched shelters and sent alerts to Angel's friends, acquaintances, and co-workers, until jail officials finally told them he had been turned over to ICE. 
The TRUST Act, a law that took effect in California states  that if and ICE hold is issued and the person has no violent offenses, that person should be released. Angel with no offense whatsover should have been released, but instead, the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department allowed ICE to take him from their custody before they could even finish processing his case.
Angel was protected by the TRUST Act and should not have been transferred to ICE custody! For the past four months he was detained in the Otero Processing Center in New Mexico, hundreds of miles away from his family. Angel was recently transfered to the West Texas Detention facility.  He is the father of three young children who depend on him. He is being deported any day now, and will be separated from his three children if the deportation is not stopped.
El Paso Assistant Field Office Director: Jesus Placencia

Phone: (915) 225 1941 Press 1 English, then 3 Deportation Cases and 2 for Deportation Unit  
Script:  “My name is ___________.  I am calling to ask that you stop the deportation of Angel Mendoza (A#078 079 183).  He was detained in the Otero Processing Center in New Mexico and is now in the West Texas Detention facility.  He is the father of three young children who depend on him.  He is being deported today after a minor arrest several months ago that led to his being turned over to ICE in violation of California's TRUST Act.  The conduct of both the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department and ICE in this case has come under fire from community groups.  Will you stop the deportation now?”


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