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Father From East LA facing Deportation! FREE Wilman!



Wilman Exady Juarez (A-206-407-672) is a caring father of 3 U.S citizen children ages 1, 3 and 5 years old and a caring husband is in deportation proceedings as a result of a TRUST Act Violation by Los Angeles Sheriff Department after honoring an ICE hold for a minor offense.


Wilman an El Salvador national has lived in the United States for over 12 years and has been married for over 7 years with his wife Belen.  He is very active in his community of East Los Angeles, as a Deacon of his church and a stay at home dad. Wilman takes his children to school and takes care of them everyday; they have been apart for months now.


His children have been traumatized by the whole experience and have experienced a state of depression, including his 5 year old daughter who will be seeing a psychologist since she has been saying things such as " they are going to kill my dad" and is fearful of any police or law enforcement.


Wilman received a letter from the LAPD notifying him that he had an arrest warrant for two unpaid tickets. At first Wilman was too scared to present himself to pay the tickets. On March 25th Wilman and his family decided to go pay the tickets at the Hollenbeck Police Division of LAPD in Boyle Heights, and at that time he was placed under arrest in front of his children and taken into custody. He was in custody of LAPD for a week and then transferred LA County Jail where he was given an ICE hold and then picked up by immigration officers and taken to Adelanto Detention Center. Despite Wilman not having a committed any serious crimes he was turned over to ICE which is a TRUST Act Violation!


Wilman was then transferred to ICE detention in Adelanto, CA because they told his family that he had a previous offense that made him a danger to the community. ICE was referring to an arrest in 2007, which was a result of a verbal argument with his mother and proceeded to hit a mirror and cut himself. His mother called the Police to teach him a lesson, but never imagined they would try to deport him. He was arrested by LAPD and was told by his attorney to plead guilty for the offense he did not committ. As a result Wilman was directed to take anger management classes including seeing a psychological help and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Wilman took all the classes he was directed to and never committed any other offense.


If deported to El Salvador he will certainly facing prosecution and extortion. In El Salvador he was forced to join a gang. The same gang killed even his nephew, so in fear of his life he came to the United States and is now seeking political asylum. Wilman's petiton for asylum, petiton under his US citizen wife and NACARA were all denied.

Wilman has also been threatened by ICE officials to stop his family's interiviews with the media. According to Wilman on August 15th ICE officials assaulted him and left him with bruises all over his body.

Call ICE and demand that Wilman be reunited with his family!

National ICE Office: (202) 732-3000
Los Angeles Field Office:  (213) 830-7911

Sample Script: I am calling in support of Wilman Exady Juarez (A-206-407-672) he is a caring father of 3 U.S citizen children, he did not commit any serious offense and is a deacon in his church. He should not be deported since he qualifies for prosecutorial discretion since he has not committed any serious offenses and could be killed if deported to El Salvador.



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