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 Kareli Barreras is a Long Beach resident and her fiancée, Jose, is a Legal Permanent Resident. They are parents to a beautiful 2-year old citizen child.

Last Monday evening, Kareli took some articles of clothing from a store and the store called the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, who came to the scene. When she was being interviewed, Kareli was extremely nervous, felt intimidated, gave wrong identifying information to the Sheriffs. She was arrested Monday April 7, 2014 and is still being detained at the Lakewood Sherriff’s Station.

She has already seen a judge and qualifies to be released, but the Los Angeles Sheriff Lakewood station has stated they are keeping her there until ICE picks her up.  Both of Kareli’s charges are simple misdemeanors and under the TRUST Act, there are no provisions under which detention is authorized.  Why is the Lakewood Sheriff’s department still honoring the ICE hold of a mother of a U.S. citizen child? 

Kareli has no prior criminal record and even though she has been deported once before, the fact that she has 1 U.S. citizen child and 4 U.S. citizen siblings, deep roots in the United States, and is the main caretaker of her daughter, she should be immediately released based on the TRUST Act and ICE should drop the ICE hold in a positive exercise of prosecutorial discretion.

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s department is in violation of CA law according to the TRUST Act. They do not have to honor the ICE hold and can immediately release Kareli to her fiancée and U.S. citizen daughter. Please sign below to support her and her family!  


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