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Two Million Two Many: Santa Maria

The City of Santa Maria wants to build a ICE facility in our Community!

The City Council of Santa Maria voted (3-2) in favor of pushing forward the construction of an Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility in North County Santa Maria. The proposed SantaMaria facility would include a 12,700-square-foot, one-story ICE building at 740 W. Century St., and accompanying barbed wire fencing, landscaping and a 50-stall parking lot. The facility is proposed to hold a maximum of 12 to 15 people in two to three specially built rooms.

This proposed ICE facility runs counter to the developed relationship of trust formed between Police Chief Ralph Martin. The presence of ICE is likely to subvert this relationship as many would rather see the local police force work with the local community to increase safety than have federal agencies such as ICE present in the community and spread fear amongst a community much less likely to report crimes if they do not trust enforcement agencies- leaving the entire community (not just immigrants) less safe.

California is moving in a different direction we have passed the TRUST Act, and Driver licenses for undocumented drivers, we do NOT need more ICE facilities! We are nearing 2 million deportations, 2 million families separated. #not1more deportation!

We are alarmed at the overwhelming dismissal of thousands of members of Santa Maria residents who attended recent city council meetings and many who spoke in direct opposition of this proposal. Migrant workers and property owners spoke against the negative impacts of this facility including lowering property values and instilling fear in our community. On a similar note, we must be conscious of the historical and present environmental impacts of constructing facilities such as these in agricultural communities similar to that of Santa Maria.

The construction of this facility could also lead to potential expansion that could be led through changes in policy coming from Washington at any given time. Santa Maria's agricultural economy thrives off the work of migrants. As members of the community are already discussing plans to move due to the fear caused by this proposal we demand the City Council of Santa Maria vote against this proposal and take the best interested of the Santa Maria community into account. Immigrants are a vital part of our community.


Take Action call the Santa Maria city council who voted in support of the ICE facility!

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