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Keep Jose Santos Maltez with His Family, Stop His Deportation!

Tracy, Jose’s wife, mother of four faces eviction while her husband awaits deportation at Adelanto Immigration Detention center. Immigrant youth take action, release statement in regards to Immigration reform and deportations.

Jose has been in the US for over 10 years and originally from Nicaragua, he came in search of a better life. He settled in California where he met and married Tracy, a U.S Citizen. Jose and his wife have four children who are also U.S citizens, Justin (4) , Blake (3) , Mason (18 months), Abraham (3months). Jose is a hard working man and a big part of his childrens lives , not only does he care for their school activities but he is the ONLY financial support that his family has, and without Jose's financial support, his family will go hungry and ultimately lose their home.

In March, 2013, ICE posing as police took Jose from his home in Echo Park, CA. Jose's oldest son Justin (4) was woken up by sounds of immigration officials at their home, little justin witnessed how ICE took his dad away without giving him a chance to say goodbye. He was taken to a U.S immigration and customs enforcement field office in downtown los angeles where they took his digital fingerprints and was then transferred to the Adelanto Immigration detention center where he has been detained ever since.

We cannot continue to allow a 'get tough on crime' rhetoric determine which undocumented immigrants are granted relief from deportation and which ones we automatically deport; The reality is that undocumented people face challenges that push us into "crime" on a daily basis, especially low income working class people. Jose Santos Maltez was branded a criminal as a result of a failed justice system. In 2009, jose had an altercation with his mother in law at a family gathering, they had arguments and the police was called. His mother-in-law pressed charges for harassment after having felt he was verbally disrespectful, the police arrested him and placed a "sexual abuse" charge on his record. Jose (wrongfully) served over five months in county jail, participated in classes and completed a certificate; ICE is still detaining him and has placed him in deportation proceedings as of march of 2013.

It has been over five months now since Jose's family was separated, tracy, mother of four faces eviction while her husband awaits deportation at Adelanto Detention Center.

“ I'm being evicted, they sent the three day notice months ago, i need my husband, his children need him home ; i don't know where i could go, i have no money and i cannot go live in the streets with my four boys… “ - Tracy Maltez

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