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Free Carmina from the Santa Ana City Jail


#FreeCarmina #ShutSantaAnaCityJail #LGBTQLiberation 

Carmina Ortega (A# 095-760-568)  is a lesbian fleeing gender persecution in Mexico—her ex-husband chained her in a room almost daily. At 21 years old, she fled to California directly from the hospital where she gave birth to her son. She fears that, if deported, her ex-husband will come after her. Carmina has resided in the US for 21 years and is a small business owner in Santa Ana.

Carmina is currently being detained in Santa Ana City Jail’s immigrant detention center where she is need of medical services.

While in Orange County Carmina and her partner Liz were victims of a hate crime where a man attempted to run them over for holding hands, fracturing Carmina’s leg in the process.

ICE has detained Carmina and targeted her for deportation despite that she has a strong asylum claim and should be eligible for a U visa, as a crime victim.

Carmina and Liz have a family of four children who need Carmina's emotional and economic support.  One of her sons dropped out of college to work as a result of Carmina’s detention.

Carmina was transferred to ICE after police found she had a previous non-violent drug conviction and DUI. As members of the LGBTQ community are deprived of support and services, they are often left to self-medicate. That was true in Carmina’s case at the moments when she was experiencing trauma. However, Carmina has already served time for her previous convictions and should not be doubly punished. She should  be reunited with her children and partner, and be permitted to stay in the United States for her safety.

Sign her petition to demand her release and for her to be reunited with her children and partner! 


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