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Free Francis, Community member in need of medical care!

Francis Giovanni Torres, father and day laborer, age 44, (A# 072-929-991) is an undocumented immigrant from Guatemala who has been transfered from Adelanto Detention Center in California to Georgia and then to Texas violating his rights and in need to urgent medical care. He migrated to the U.S in 1982 and has been living in Los Angeles since then. Francis is a father of two U.S citizens, Christian Yovanny Diaz, 20 & Liza Marie,17. He worked as a cook at Universal Studios and at a Union Station Restaurant to support his family. Francis has volunteered at Blessed Sacrament church as well as at the hospital near his home in Hollywood. Francis has reasonable fear to return to Guatemala and due to his own advocacy and that of the community he was granted a reasonable fear interview.

He is waiting for the response but due to his medical condition we keep demanding ICE let him return with his family as this process continues.

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In August 2010 Francis was stopped for a traffic violation and was sent to the twin towers Men's Central jail in Los Angeles, then was a transferred to Arizona where he was deported in August 2012.  Francis reentered the United States in 2013 to try to reunite with his family and was detained at the border. From the border he was transferred to Adelanto Detention Center where he has been detained since December 24th 2013. He has medical issues that need to be treated immediately, like respiratory issues, diabetes and a bad knee injury that makes it difficult to walk. Since Francis has previous traffic violations and is part of the vast population of immigrants that are charged with "RE-ENTRY" ,  ICE has denied francis and his family the opportunity to fight for his release for almost 2 years now!! Francis has already paid all his tickets and finished the programs required for his traffic violations. We know that detention centers make money everyday out of incarcerating people.


Francis mother states: “ I just want my son back! He is suffering because of his delicate health condition and he has no one in Guatemala to support him, his life would be at risk if he is deported. I just want to be reunited with my son”


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