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#DontDeportRosa Uvisa Eligible Mother of 4 U.S. Citizens Faces Deportation

Good news! Rosa was released!


On 04/24/2014 (Friday), the Stanislaus County Sheriffs Department showed up to Rosa's home in Patterson, CA with a search warrant from a 2011 case. They targeted Rosa 3 years after a Judge originally dismissed the 2011 case where she was involved in an accident where her 7-year old son Ishmael’s seat belt was not properly secured.

The following Monday (04/27/15) the judge released Rosa on her own recognizance since she is the only provider and caretaker of her U.S. citizen children.

Two days after Rosa was released, ICE intercepted her vehicle with 2 unmarked undercover white cars including a brown unmarked SUV.  This occurred on the intersection of Perry and 3rd street in the agricultural city of Patterson.

A month prior to Stanislaus County Sheriffs showing up at her home, Rosa had applied for a driver’s license through AB60. The DMV in Stockton told her that her application was approved and her new driver’s license will be mailed to her in 7-10 days. When the driver’s license did not appear, Rosa went back to the same DMV and informed them about not receiving her license. Then she was told that she was being put through “secondary revision” and she had to wait until they investigated the case.

3 weeks later, that is when the Stanislaus Sheriffs Department came to her home.  That same day she was sent to Stockton for processing and later that night, she was booked in the Yuba County Jail where she currently faces deportation.

We have no doubt that Stanislaus Sheriffs Department and the DMV in Stockton shared information of Rosa to Immigration Customs Enforcement.

Rosa is a survivor of domestic violence and the Los Angeles Police Department has certified that she is eligible for protection from deportation called a U-Visa. However, ICE wants to deport her based on a felony conviction of burglary from 2006.  This same charge is now a misdemeanor in California due to Prop 47 where it recognizes that it is a crime of poverty not a violent offense. After serving her sentence, Rosa reunited with her children. 

Rosa has never been deported and she merits prosecutorial discretion on various grounds. Aside from the U-Visa Certification, she is the sole caretaker of her father who has dementia and depends on Rosa for direct assistance. She is a single mother of 4 U.S. citizen children and her 7-year old suffers from a mental condition. They too depend on her for everything. 

It is long standing policy of the federal government not to deport victims of crimes. Rosa needs to be released immediately!



San Francisco ICE Assistant Director Craig Meyer: (415) 844-5690

San Francisco ICE Chief Counsel Leslie Ungerman: (415) 705-4604

"Hi, my name is ____ and I am calling you to immediately release Uvisa eligible mother Rosa Martinez (A#205-971-075). She has 4 U.S. Citizen children and the Los Angeles Police Department has signed her Uvisa certification making her eligible for relief as a victim of domestic violence. She is not a flight risk nor a danger to society and the community demands her release immediately!"

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